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Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Art is something absolute, something positive, which gives power just as food gives power." -Hans Hoffmann

I had a nice little get together with some of my 'artist friends' this week - we had such a great time sharing, learning, inspiring each other and when I came across this quote by fabulous artist Hans Hoffmann, it made me think of Thanksgiving Dinner - and how artful that can be...and how everyone is an artist in their own way - whether it be cooking, painting, entertaining etc.
So my thoughts of today are POSITIVE and THANKFUL and really that is truly how I choose to live my life - my friends laugh at me because I  have created this 'little bubble' around myself that I try to 'fill' with only positive thoughts and actions, I know, I know, it's not the real world, but its kinda what I like so that's all that matters.
This Thanksgiving I share with you my positive and thankful attitude and am hoping you enjoy your time with family, friends and food...AND NOW I AM OFF TO THE STUDIO!

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