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Saturday, October 27, 2012

"We are nature.  We are nature seeing nature.  The red-winged blackbird flies in us." - Susan Griffin

The beauty of nature surrounds us...as artists it inspires us, it heals us.
This autumn was a beautiful example of the miracle of nature's beauty..that beauty often works its way into our palette, our color choices, our clothing, our food - we are a very adaptable society.
I am thankful today for....
1.  Beautiful views outside my studio window.
2.  Friends and Family that share this beauty with me.
3.  Amazing property in which to hike, ride my horse, or simply just sit and contemplate.
4.  A Huge selection of art supplies and paint at my disposal.
5.  Inspiration, talent and ideas that swirl constantly in my head.
6.  Wonderful opportunities in life/career that keep popping up unexpectedly.
7.  My collectors, my galleries, my sales (big and small).
8.  Travel opportunities.
9.  Quiet time.
10. Positive energy.

The list could go on and on....you should try this, it's not as hard as you think - WE ARE ALL LUCKY!

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