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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"....To get where you want to go, you must keep on keeping on." - Norman Vincent Peale

This summer I promised myself I wasn't going to work as hard, that I was going to take more time off....well, I tried - I did do some fun things took some great bike rides, enjoyed some beautiful sunsets, did a few weekend travels, BUT I still feel like summer has passed me by and I didn't do enough fun things!  Can you relate?
So now as fall is approaching, kids are in school, I'm finding myself still busy, but getting into some sort of routine, still longing for more time off to do some playful things.....
Today I opened the book "Vein of Gold" - by Julia Cameron and got stuck on the chapter called TIME.  Here are some of my thoughts from my quick read today:
What we really should do is make ourselves a priority, and our time our own.
You are married to your creativity, not just out on a first date.
There has to be some comfort here.

What I really gathered from this chapter is...that in life, "little bits" (like little bits of time to create, little trips, little moments) are better than 'no little bits' of anything!

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