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Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Art is not what you see...but what you make others see." - unknown

I saw this recent quote on Facebook and it stopped me in my tracks!  That is what my work is all about for all these years - I just couldn't seem to put it in words!

Abstract vs. Realism

Some people get it...some people don't.  I have found that all throughout my art path - what's to get?  When I worked somewhat realistic (although it was so loose and funky I would hardly call it that), I knew that I would eventually end up on a  more abstract path.  As I painted over the years and ended up more abstracty than landscapey, I realized YES!  this is what I want!!!!!

I recently was in a group show.  There were only two somewhat abstract works - mine and one other.  The rest were all very talented artists but it was so boring, so expected - I want to leave something out of a painting for the viewers to imagine/create on their own... they wanted to give the viewer every detail.

I know everyone likes different art, I also know that many people that saw this show 'just didn't 'get' my piece' - there's nothing to 'get' - that's the best part!

Enjoy all that abstract art out there - it's truly what keeps this art world interesting....

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