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Monday, June 25, 2012

"Where would life lead me if I let the river run?" - "I discovered in myself a hunger for less sophistication and a thirst for more direct contact with life." - quotes from the new book "Life, Paint and Passion" by Michelle Cassou & Stewart Cubley that I just started reading.


Usually my blog posts are subject based, however, tonight I feel like just 'rambling'.  I am at a 'lodge/club' helping to escort (I would not say chaperoning as I am doing my own thing) some FFA members from our local school to their leadership camp - including my son.  So at the dinner tonight their was a speaker who was wonderful - she talked to these students about how they each have a talent, a passion and the world needs them/us to follow our passion, to have a good attitude in life and help each other!  I hope they listened, because I sure did!!!!
So, more rambling, I had the whole day to myself - I walked, I did yoga on the beach by myself (hoping that none of the kids saw me - especially my son - who would probably kill me), read a stack of magazines as well as a book I've been trying to finish titled "A Thousand Days in Tuscany" which brought back wonderful memories of my trip last fall to Italy and Spain, hmmmmmm, what else did I do....oh, yes, listened to lots of good music on my ipod - such as some of my favorites:  Ellery, BeeGees ( I know), Adelle, Norah Jones, Krista Detor, Loreena McKennitt, Victoria Vox .... oh and a little Lynyrd Skynyrd to finish it off!  - WOW!  What an eclectic mix of music - yes, I like to mix up my day a little.  As you probably know, I always listen to music while painting it quiets my mind and provides a 'back drop' so that my mind can stay focussed on what is at hand.  Painting.
So, more rambling, some of this music I listen to came from independent musicians who performed at our local 'Wild Rice Concert's" aka house concerts.  I so love supporting independent musicians/artists and am so impressed with their talents - there is another concert this Friday night - can't wait - check out Wild Rice Concerts on Facebook.
So, enough rambling, I am going to enjoy the last little bit of my quiet time before I have to go home tomorrow and catch up on laundry, dishes, etc.   UGGHHHH!
What music inspires you?  Who are your favorites?

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