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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One thing great about the internet/facebook rage is that we, in remote areas, can connect with artists all over the world.  We are lucky.  I've been following Robert Genn's Twice-Weekly Letter for years and actually print out some of his 'messages' because they are so good!  Here is one from 2010, some of the highlights:

"Finding your Voice" how do we translate our life experiences into our paintings and express who we really are?   Ideally, style develops over time.  Cause is based on attitude and issue.  With growth and development, causes change.  You need to make stuff.  Artists who put in regular working hours find their voice.  Work itself generates clarity and direction.  It's like invention --one thing leads to another.
You need hunger, desire, curiosity.  Wondering how things will turn out is more powerful than having a pretty good idea beforehand.  You need joy, joy in yourself and you need to feel you're giving it to others."

WOW!  All of these random thoughts have really struck me lately.  Thank you Mr. Genn for putting my thoughts exactly into words...Back to the studio, I've got some new color things happening this morning...yes, that is really exciting to me!

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