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What art is worth?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What is art worth? A contemporary Perspective . . . on Tuesday I will be exploring the mysterious and controversial subject of what art is worth - in monetary and cultural terms. If anyone is interested it is at noon and the public is invited.
The Dennos Art Museum, in Traverse City has asked 6 Michigan artists to serve on a discussion panel of this very important topic. I can't wait!
I've been really trying to think deep on this subject because ART IS MY LIFE! - so it obviously is like breathing to me - very important; but how does it relate to others, to the world, to the economy etc? HMMM.....
Other quotes that I have heard or found really sum it up "Art replenishes the soul and keeps it at rest while you endure yet another day of . . ."; "Art is the individual expression of spirit"; "Art is what I was raised with, that and books." and "Art supports me and I support the Arts."
WOW! Some great food for thought - I can see that the arts (including music and poetry, etc) are so important to humans - so let's get with it . . . make more art, buy more art, support local artists!!!!

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