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When life gets in the way of art . . .

Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Destiny is what you are supposed to do in life. Fate is what kicks you in the ass to make you do it." Henry Miller

I am really, really good at putting 'art' at the top of my to-do list. I usually get in the studio EVERY DAY and when I don't, life just doesn't seem to be so good. Today, acutally most of this week, it seems that I've been 'busy with life' running errands, doing bookwork, packing and shipping art and not really getting in much painting time. Even today, my husband told me to clean my counter off in the back room - which you couldn't even see because it was so cluttered. Imagine that, my husband told me to clean! That ruined my day, cleaning is not my favorite! But, I listened and all is well, counter looks good (probably not for long) and now I feel I can move forward to painting . . . after I get done in the kitchen making homemade dinner rolls and double-chocolate cookies with walnuts - dark chocolate so they are healthier! I guess maybe I got side tracked yet again.
Do you ever struggle with the pull between life and art? How do you tackle those days when 'art' just doesn't get a chance to happen? I'd love to hear from you . . .

Artist Panel

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Last week I had the pleasure to serve on a discussion panel at the Dennos Art Museum in Traverse City, Michigan. What a great city!
Serving on the board were artists Eric Daigh, Lindy Bishop, Richard Davis, Troy DeShano, Daniel Lisuk and Rufus Snoddy. This well attended discussion had a lot of input and thoughts not only from the artists on the panel but the attendees as well. We discussed pricing in art and how you can only go up . . . we all decided that we 'hate' pricing our work and doing all the book keeping that goes with it yet, it is very important. We also discussed how communities can benefit from 'artists' and how artists can 'benefit' from an active artist community. It was the consensus of all artists and many of the attendees that artists often times make less money than many other professions, however, we are asked to 'donate' our art for all sorts of fund-raising events. We all decided we work way too hard to have to do this and will further discuss policies for change on this subject. Do you have any comments on this?
We all agreed how important and how big of a draw having an 'artist community' is to a city or small town. Galleries, Museums etc. are always attracting visitors and vacationers to an area, thus bringing in money for the local economy.
Also, decided was how lacking the U.S. is in 'art' and it's importance compared to Europe. We felt that educating EVERYONE to appreciate art - not just the well-to-do or elite, would benefit the arts and society as a whole in our country.
And on a final note . . . one of the artists mentioned that some country (maybe Ireland)??? actually values their artists so much that they don't pay taxes . . . hmmm. . . does anyone know anything about that - I would love further information.

So . . . we discussed much and had an enjoyable time. We all left with inspiration to make art in our own communities even more important.
While I was there I delivered art to some great galleries that represent my work - if you are in the area stop by . . .
Tvedten Fine Art, Harbor Springs, Michigan
Gallery 50, Traverse City, Michigan
Crooked Tree Art Center, Petoskey, Michigan

What art is worth?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What is art worth? A contemporary Perspective . . . on Tuesday I will be exploring the mysterious and controversial subject of what art is worth - in monetary and cultural terms. If anyone is interested it is at noon and the public is invited.
The Dennos Art Museum, in Traverse City has asked 6 Michigan artists to serve on a discussion panel of this very important topic. I can't wait!
I've been really trying to think deep on this subject because ART IS MY LIFE! - so it obviously is like breathing to me - very important; but how does it relate to others, to the world, to the economy etc? HMMM.....
Other quotes that I have heard or found really sum it up "Art replenishes the soul and keeps it at rest while you endure yet another day of . . ."; "Art is the individual expression of spirit"; "Art is what I was raised with, that and books." and "Art supports me and I support the Arts."
WOW! Some great food for thought - I can see that the arts (including music and poetry, etc) are so important to humans - so let's get with it . . . make more art, buy more art, support local artists!!!!

Upcoming Shows

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Have to realize that important results are not always immediate". - Trust the Process by Shaun McNiff

I love the process of painting as much as the finished product. This feeling keeps me so excited about my work, often times not taking enough time off to 'play'. I will play this weekend - as I am taking girlfriend time and doing a foodie tour around the Milwaukee area - I can't wait to see what we find!
This winter I have been 'wrapped up' in a Winter Birch Series - I guess I found inspiration in my own surroundings as I didn't travel much this year - yet! So, I am thankful for the quiet moments at home to get a lot of work done.
This winter I did enter some juried shows and am happy to say that I had work accepted in all but one. The upcoming shows are:
Northwest Michigan Regional - The Dennos Museum in Traverse City, Michigan - this show continues until April 1.
Richeson Art Gallery - Landscape 2012 Show, Kimberly, WI - this show opens Friday, April 12
Biotic Semiotics: Drawing on Signs from Nature, Allen Priebe Gallery National Exhibit, Oshkosh, WI opens April 4
I am really excited to be accepted into these highly competitive shows and look forward to seeing them!

This image: "Deeply" 8x8" $170 is in the Biotic Semiotics Show in Oshkosh


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