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Monday, February 27, 2012

"Like van Gogh, Mitchell took full advantage of complementary and near-complementary colors, expressing, as he put it "the love of two lovers by a wedding of two complementary colors, their mingling and their opposition, the mysterious vibrations of kindred tones." Both artists favored blues and yellows or yellow oranges, working them in crafty ways, Joan, like van Gogh, tucking a few strokes of orange into a corner, perhaps, rather than placing it next to the blue, thus setting up a dynamic pull that made her work sing."- from the book Joan Mitchell, Lady Painter, A life by Patricia Albers

All winter I've been working on my stack of 'unread art books' and oh what fun I have been having. I will say the 400 and some page book titled Joan Mitchell - Lady Painter, A Life took me quite awhile but everybit of it was an excellent read. Her troubles in life and how she always found comfort in her art. She was determined and lived and breathed art.
Another book I just finished How Georgia Became O'Keeffe - Lessons on the Art of Living" by Karen Karbo was a different kind of read but also, very, very good. This book really talked to me not only because I love Georgia O'Keeffe and again - her passion for her art shows through, but also because of the simple little angles this author looked at regarding how Georgia chose to live her life. Eventually O'Keeffe bought property in New Mexico and spent much time there, leaving her husband in New York for a good part of the year. "Stieglitz begged O'Keeffe not to go, but it was too late for that. New Mexico had claimed her heart, and even though she said she felt like a heartless wretch for doing so, she left" - to go to her place in New Mexico where she 'felt at home'. Definitely another entertaining read.
So as I keep 'attacking' my stack of books, I keep adding more to it - does anyone have any favorite art books to recommend that I add to this 'stack' - happy reading . . .

This image is a photo I took of a beautiful adobe in Santa Fe when I was there. I, too, fell in love with the beauty of New Mexico and can't wait to go back!

Painting and sharing

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"The bad paintings have to be painted" - Agnes Martin

Although I have been so focused on my painting this winter, I have been taking some time to read some very good art books including the new one out about Agnes Martin's work - it is wonderful, I would love to see her work in real as they truly don't reproduce well.
Not only have I been getting a lot of painting done, I've had some break-throughs with new colors, a new winter-birch series as well as a few new 'texture' ideas - WOW! -this really keeps me 'in the studio'! But it doesn't always go well, as all artists know, there are times when you doubt your new discoveries, wonder about the new color palette, aren't quite sure of the new textures. Doubt and fear can stop you in your tracks - so I for the most part decided a long time ago to just let things happen as they will - although this is hard at times, I find that if I follow my gut feeling it usually works out. Sometimes it just takes me awhile to realize it.
This winter I decided to teach a few workshops here in my studio and I am having such a great time 'sharing' my passion for art. Every class was filled and I even added more classes but that is it until next January when I will definitely come up with new ideas and inspiration to share. Oh, I forgot, that isn't it - I will be teaching a collage workshop on Madeline Island this summer - final plans are still in the works.
I am feeling lucky to be able to do what I love to do! Thank you for your encouragement, inspiration and support of my artwork . . . it keeps me painting!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"It doesn't interest me where or what or with whom you have studied. I want to know what sustains you from the inside when all else falls away." - Oriah Mountain Dreamer

This winter the weather has been strange and unfortunately I haven't gotten in any snowshoeing and very little skiing. So for my lack of outdoor activities, I've been spending a lot more time in the studio. Some big project possibilities are coming my way as well as the desire to get some really great paintings done to ship to my galleries this spring. I'm also busy entering some juried shows which help me to "spread my art" across the country.

I had a conversation today with an artist friend of mine. We discussed art, emerging vs. established artists, the process and plan artists have and more. One common thread that we all feel is very important to success as an artist is to devote yourself to your art - to live and breathe it. And also to enter shows, callings etc. - all for exposure . . . exposure is a good thing.

So not only am I busy painting, but also doing all the paperwork and promoting as well . . . AND teaching a few workshops here in my studio which start this weekend and I'm really excited about sharing art ideas!

This image is Green Pastures and is 6x8" oil on wood.


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