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Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Some of us come on earth seeing - some of us come on earth seeing color." - Louise Nevelson
All artists are very talented, some are 'stronger' at certain aspects of art. I have always had a passion for color, putting colors together, experimenting with color, mixing color, throwing odd combinations together and making them work . . . and so on. Inspiration also easily comes to me, I am lucky. Seldom do I hit road blocks in my art, if I do it is because I need to step away for a bit and start to 'see' something different.
Yesterday I had a lady in the studio signing up for a workshop of mine and she was very interested in 'how I come up with inspiration and ideas' and 'how I never run out of ideas'. What a great blog post idea!
It took me a moment to think about this but then I realized that I am always 'seeing' - sometimes more 'seeing' than 'thinking'. For instance, when I go for a horse ride, I am looking - always looking - at the trees, the grasses, the terrain and it obviously works its way into my work. When I am hiking or biking, I am seeing - I am seeing beautiful patterns for future landscape paintings.
I guess to be 'a real artist' too, you must live and breathe art. It becomes your life. You are constantly reading, looking, playing and creating every moment of our day!

I so agree Ginnie! I see art everywhere I go.....the beautiful sway of a branch or leaves that have fallen and started to deteriorate. I can get lost for hours looking at stones. All we have to do is open our eyes to all the beauty that is.

Thanks for sharing this great post!
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