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Friday, November 11, 2011

"Every canvas is a journey all its own" - Helen Frankenthaler
Today I am going to think about GRATITUDE.!!! Not only is it Veterans Day and all Americans should be thankful, but I am also feeling inside of me the need to really think hard about all the good things that have come my way on this journey.
Last night I attended the Northern Exposures Annual Juried Show of U.P. Artists at the Bonifas Art Center - WOW!!!!! - UP artists rock! The show is a very competitive one filled with great art and represents the UP - the best of the best!
I was happy to have two pieces accepted into the show and I also won an award - an opportunity to have a show at the Ed Gray Gallery in Calumet! I haven't visited this gallery, but have heard from other artists that it is a favorite - and one of the best in the UP. This opportunity comes at the perfect time - as winter nears, I start to get really serious and dedicated in the studio and a deadline/opportunity sure helps me to focus. - So THANK YOU Lynn and Ed Gray Gallery I look forward to the show!
Other artists/friends winning awards were Candace Zebell, Ronna Katz, Ingrid Blixt, Martha Fieber, Patrick Dragon and more. One especially lucky artist/friend of mine, Mara Manning not only won an award but sold/purchase prizes all three of her paintings - she is very talented and well deserving!!!! (See our smiles in photo!!!)
Oh and there were lots of sales that night - everyone should be grateful for that!
So as I contemplate my work here in the studio, I take time to see my older works along side my new works and I am pleased . . . and thankful to each and every friend, collector and art lover that I have met on this beautiful journey . . . may the road continue . . .

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