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Sunday, September 4, 2011

I am winding down the Labor Day Weekend Open House at my studio/gallery and had a wonderful turnout with a lot of art talk with my visitors. Thanks to all who continue to make my passion a 'happenin'thing'!
Today as I ponder the end of summer, and thoughts of quiet school days that will soon surround me, I try to reflect on some positive thoughts about how to make life better. Many of these I would like to say that I already do, some I will work on, we all need a little more peace in our lives.
1. Practice gratitude
2. Be kind
3. Be generous
4. Live in the present
5. Try something new
6. Eat well & be well
7. Exercise
8. Read
- these suggestions were taken off a facebook post - sorry I don't know the credits.
May you all enjoy the beautiful fall season which is soon to be upon us.

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