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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Fears arise when you look back, and they arise when you look ahead" - from book Art & Fear by David Bayliss
What the heck!!! Life could really be a no-win situation if we really think about it. Lucky for me I just seem to have always been one to 'forge' forward and not always analyze everything to it's bare minimum. For the most part that works for me because if I would analyze everything I know I wouldn't be making a life as an artist. A life of an artist contains a lot of unknowns, worries failure and successes - more than the average person could tolerate!
This year I decided to 'retire' from art fairs and turn over my work to some wonderful galleries for representation and I am very excited for this slight change. I am, however, doing one local art fair (Art for All in Menominee, Michigan) this Sunday and I have been diligently working, somewhat under pressure - but that helps, on some new pieces that I will have ready for the show on Sunday! I am actually looking forward to the show as I know so many of the people and after working in the studio so diligently all winter it will be nice to be face to face with my collectors - and maybe some new ones as well! See you on Sunday!

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