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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"It's all a matter of balance, and making art helps achieve that balance." - David Bayliss & Ted Orland from "Art & Fear"

Trying to find balance. Not easy. Think I am getting it though.

Last Saturday evening was the opening of my solo show "Seasons" at the Wild Apple Gallery and I was humbled and 'wowed' to see my work stand alone in such a beautiful space (with white walls). There was a steady stream of people truly interested in art, wonderful music by Joel Ryan (joelryanart.com) and good food and wine. Seeing my work in its entirety, by itself, makes me realize that I am on the correct path and that I must keep going. However, on this beautiful day, I'm taking the afternoon to get some sun and relaxation in my backyard, although my mind is going on high speed with new color combinations to try for new pieces. It seems my mind never really rests.
When my children were young, rest was totally out of the question, now that my children are somewhat growing up, rest is available-but in small increments. So I savor every quiet moment I get. Not only do I live for my walks, hikes and bike rides, horse rides, too, I live for my yoga and the calm that it gives me (we have a great podcast group here in Stephenson) and I'm being quite dedicated because I do notice the difference in my whole being. So, as I continue to sit in the sunshine and ponder thoughts about art, I know that I am very lucky and will be back in the studio soon.

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