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Friday, February 25, 2011

I just returned from a 'little vacation' to Harbor Springs, Michigan. This area is one of my favorites in the State, especially in the summer. The area is surrounded by natural beauty, lakes, hiking and wonderful galleries and shopping. Recently I was invited by gallery owner, Margaret Tvedten, to show in her gallery so this week we stopped by with several new paintings of my abstracted landscapes works. We so enjoyed visiting and meeting Margaret during this slow season. She, too, is gearing up for the summer season by taking days to paint in her studio.
The work I took to her gallery was mostly large and she loved them and requested more by June, she was very positive - and she should be, she knows her art and her business and has been there for a long time! Her artwork is wonderful (including her welded sculpture) as well as the select artists that she represents!
So, I'm back to the studio, not wasting any time, ordered more large panels and am working on adding to my inventory here in the studio. Joyful days ahead!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Life is playfulness . . . We need to play so that we can rediscover the magic all around us." - Flora Colao
I'm re-reading the famous book by Julia Cameron "The Vein of Gold - A Journey to your creative Heart" and am all inspired again my her simply stated facts on creativity.
Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my day-to-day duties, doing some serious painting, meeting deadlines etc., that I often forget to take time to play. . . as may of us do. However, I find that when I take time to 'play' with my art and experiment and try new colors or techniques - magical things happen. It is this pure joy and passion in my creative works that keep my life flowing and balanced but it is important to do/spend non-art hours in life as well and for me that includes yoga, hiking, biking, traveling, horseback riding and spending time with family and friends. That completes my life. What keeps your life amazing?


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I am back after a quick mini-vacation to Florida, "old Florida" was the section we were in - Citrus County - yes, lots of fresh fruit. Had a wonderful time and wasn't sure how my 'break' would effect my work as it usually does subconsciously. After looking at the new pieces I've been working on since I returned, I see brighter colors and lots of oranges/yellows either embedded in layers or surfacing to the top. Here are a few images of the newest works.


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