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Friday, November 19, 2010

"It's all a matter of balance, and making art helps achieve that balance." - from the book Art and Fear

Keeping life in balance is sometimes harder than we think. I like a normal routine to my life, but it seems that doesn't always happen. My most creative times are enhanced by routine: waking up, getting kids off to school, going for a long walk (longer these days since I added new songs to my ipod, checking emails and then painting for most of the day. Of course that is the ideal day!
But balance to me is solitude as well as being with friends/family, exercise/yoga, painting/not painting. It all seems to work out. Lately, however, I've been sidetracked as I get ready for the open studio tour on Thanksgiving weekend. It's always a fun weekend, but lots of work.
Last week I attended a workshop on 'the business of art' - you know, all the important stuff that we hate, like getting our portfolio's in order, resume's updated, artist statements reworked, files in order etc. I picked up some helpful hints, updated and reworked things and am feeling somewhat organized again - so now I can get back to painting - the fun part!

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