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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What is it about artists studio spaces that intrigue me so? When I get to know an artist, I always love to see their 'studio' or the space 'where the magic happens'. My studio space fluctuates with the seasons. Currently I am in the basement and spend most of the summers there which is o.k. because it's nice and cool and quiet. In the winter I clear out a space in my studio/gallery and take over a large space with better natural lighting - and this is a great space - where people can walk in and see works in progress - visitors love to see that. But my permanent studio space is a small table/work space overlooking my back yard with french doors. Sometimes I get more 'bird watching' done than painting. In this 'wonderful corner' I also have my large collection of art books and of course my computer. I could spend years right here. I'm now 'browsing' through the book 'Inside the painters studio" by Joe Fig where he selected artists from across the country (mostly New York) to talk about their studio space, tools, equipment etc. It's really interesting to see how different every space is. Personally, I wish my studio space was bigger, more 'loft-like' and warehouse style. Maybe someday but for now it works!

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