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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Collectors . . . they are the ones who first see your artwork, fall in love with it, and keep buying your work and adding it to their homes/collections.
Today, on Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the things we sometimes take for granted like family, friends, good health etc but I am also very thankful for the many collectors of my artwork - for without them, I still wouldn't be painting!!!!
I have many collectors, both private and public, Bay Area Medical Center and Wausau Aspirus Hospital are two of the bigger public collections and many private collections, which I better not mention names without asking first, however, I will tell you one is in a privately owned home on Mackinac Island. A beautiful 3 story home constructed 2-3 years ago with a large collection of my paintings that revolve around geraniums and the island etc. I've had the joy of spending some time on the Island for many years and always love to visit our friends that own this home.
The second other big collector lives in Marinette and recently commissioned me to do another painting and when I was dropping it off I got a 'tour' of her beautiful home - unbelievable, actually, and I was humbled to see my artwork tastefully collected and displayed in practically every room! She was what I call "a silent collector" - always buying a new piece or 2 or 3 every year for many years until she amassed a wonderful amount of artwork-without me even realizing how much she actually had bought over the years.
As an artist, you paint - a lot! - and often if your not really organized like I'm not - you don't 'photograph' every painting that you ever did. So as I was walking through this beautiful house it brought back memories of all the 'stages' and 'travels' I had been through in my art career thus far. Some, I look back and didn't like as much as others, but some paintings brought back memories of carefree summer days/vacation days/or just plain simple things. A set of 4 8 x 8" acrylic paintings had been collected from my trip to portugal/france a couple years ago and as I 'toured' the beautiful home it brought back wonderful memories of all the travels I've been so fortunate to have.
And then there are my friends that inspired me and collected my work from the beginning - who now live in Cedarburg, and then there's this one and then there's this other one and then there's this sweet girl who lives in Menominee and all she wanted for her 21st birthday was one of my paintings and the list goes on and on - so THANK YOU to all!
O.K. so the picture's are: a great little village in Portugal from my vacation and a picture of a bike parked for winter on Mackinac Island (which is a wonderful time to visit!)


Friday, November 19, 2010

"It's all a matter of balance, and making art helps achieve that balance." - from the book Art and Fear

Keeping life in balance is sometimes harder than we think. I like a normal routine to my life, but it seems that doesn't always happen. My most creative times are enhanced by routine: waking up, getting kids off to school, going for a long walk (longer these days since I added new songs to my ipod, checking emails and then painting for most of the day. Of course that is the ideal day!
But balance to me is solitude as well as being with friends/family, exercise/yoga, painting/not painting. It all seems to work out. Lately, however, I've been sidetracked as I get ready for the open studio tour on Thanksgiving weekend. It's always a fun weekend, but lots of work.
Last week I attended a workshop on 'the business of art' - you know, all the important stuff that we hate, like getting our portfolio's in order, resume's updated, artist statements reworked, files in order etc. I picked up some helpful hints, updated and reworked things and am feeling somewhat organized again - so now I can get back to painting - the fun part!

Northern Exposures

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy to be getting out of the studio a bit. It seems that I wrap myself up my art and it's process that I don't take as much time out to just 'hang - out'. I did take a couple horse rides this week before hunting season starts and that always puts me in a happy frame of mind. On Thursday evening I went to the opening reception at the Bonifas Art Center in Escanaba for the show "Northern Exposures" which features U.P. artists. I had two pieces accepted, won no awards, but was so happy to be just included in this top-notch show! The U.P. has some amazing artists - and the best of the best were shown that night. I believe there were over 300 pieces that were entered with maybe 70 accepted. The show runs through mid December - all are invited to stop in and see it, it truly is a wonderful show!
So, tonight I am taking off and doing something fun "wine and cheese night" at Linda's church. Always fun to just hang out! Have a great weekend!

making art - lots of it

Monday, November 8, 2010

"Making good art depends upon making lots of art, and any device that carried the first brushstroke to the next blank canvas has tangible, practical value." - from the book Art & Fear by David Bayless and Ted Orland

I went this weekend to pick up my artwork from Edgewood Orchard Gallery in Door County and attended the wonderful artists reception. As their season closes I feel blessed to be a part of that gallery, and probably the youngest artist represented there. Luckily, I didn't have much to bring back as most of it sold this season. It's feelings like this that immediately get me back in the studio, working away. All winter I will paint and send the best pieces to my favorite galleries!

So, to help me get back in the studio, I ordered more oil paints in luscious colors that were different from others and I'm excited to try them!

artists studios

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What is it about artists studio spaces that intrigue me so? When I get to know an artist, I always love to see their 'studio' or the space 'where the magic happens'. My studio space fluctuates with the seasons. Currently I am in the basement and spend most of the summers there which is o.k. because it's nice and cool and quiet. In the winter I clear out a space in my studio/gallery and take over a large space with better natural lighting - and this is a great space - where people can walk in and see works in progress - visitors love to see that. But my permanent studio space is a small table/work space overlooking my back yard with french doors. Sometimes I get more 'bird watching' done than painting. In this 'wonderful corner' I also have my large collection of art books and of course my computer. I could spend years right here. I'm now 'browsing' through the book 'Inside the painters studio" by Joe Fig where he selected artists from across the country (mostly New York) to talk about their studio space, tools, equipment etc. It's really interesting to see how different every space is. Personally, I wish my studio space was bigger, more 'loft-like' and warehouse style. Maybe someday but for now it works!


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