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breaking rules

Thursday, October 28, 2010

"We do not long remember those artists who followed the rules more diligently than anyone else. We remember those who made the art from which the 'rules' inevitably follow" Quote from one of my favorite books ART AND FEAR by David Bayles & Ted Orland. You really can't read a page in this book without highlighting a great idea.
All through my art career I have been a rule breaker. I think that is what keeps me so interested in creating. It's the 'what if', 'what if' I try this and then of course the wonder of seeing what happens. It's always nice to have some basic knowledge, tips and techniques but the 'magic' really happens when you paint, paint, paint and just let things flow and see what happens. And of course, some days go better than others, but it's important to 'just show up' and create - every day! Here I go . . .

Telluride pictures

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Posting picture of the aspens and mountains as well as our wonderful group!

return home

I had a wonderful trip (by myself) to Telluride, Colorado. It was strange traveling by myself, but turned out to be wonderful, being able to do exactly what I wanted to - paint and hike! First time I ever really saw the 'mountains' and I was in awe as the aspens were turned their fall golden colors. I am sure that those colors will influence some future art pieces, subconsciously is usually how that happens. So, I arrived in Telluride without any problems, settled into my room and then that evening went to the artwalk and visited Telluride Fine Art Gallery where Shawna and Rebecca were having a two person show! It was wonderful! Their art is amazing and I really enjoyed the workshop/retreat that was sponsored by ahha art school. Every night after painting I would venture out to do some hiking and shopping before cozying up with a good book and the TV - did I say, all to myself! The other people in the workshop were mostly from the Telluride area and consisted of filmmakers, gallery owners/artists, writers (published) and other creative/forward thinking people - it was wonderful to be with such a fabulous group! My evenings consisted of going out with the other artists and hiking and adventuring our way through the small town. Downhill skiing is BIG in Telluride and many places were closing in the 'downtime' which all changes when skiing begins, usually around Thanksgiving.
So, overall I loved Telluride, but was happy to return to my horses in the beautiful U.P.
Did I mention the beautiful million dollars homes - as in Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise (who is there skiing all the time) and Ralph Lauren's ranch which consists of 29,000 acres! Unbelievable! But happy to be back in my studio . . .


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Love to travel, even better if I can paint, too! I decided at the last minute to head out to Colorado for a week - to paint! Leaving in the morning and I just can't wait, the hard part is packing all your supplies, few clothes etc into one small suitcase - truly life's lesson - less is more! Wishing you, too, inspirational days.


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