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Friday, February 26, 2010

I finally did it! Had my friend Ingrid start my etsy shop (ginniecappaert.etsy.com) - if you don't know what etsy is - etsy is a shop on the internet where everything is handmade - so artists and crafters from all over the world post unique items/artwork to sell. Check it out. Also, check out Ingrid's site ingridartstudio.com She's been very successful on etsy and has been telling me to try it for years - so thanks to her - I'll try it!
Back in the studio, landscapes continue to pour out of me - currently small ones - like 1" x 3" which is very different than working large, quite intimate, I kind of like it!

Congrats Ginnie! I added you to my favorite etsy sellers. Hope you do great, it's definitely another avenue for your work. I'm working on getting some artwork in my own etsy shop. I did it backwards, I opened up the shop first, LOL. Best of luck to you!
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