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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am reading another good art book "Trust the Process-an artists guide to letting go" by Shaun McNiff. A wonderful read about letting go and letting the artist spirit inside of you do it's own thing. I can relate to that. I was explaining to an artist friend my fear of "changing my style" - yet again - and what my collectors would think. She said you got to keep it interesting and truthfully, i feel like i have no control over my art, it just flows out of me so even if i wanted to keep doing my "busier, mixed media style", it wouldn't work as it is the "minimalist" path that my soul is on for now. And by the way-I'm loving it.
Here is a quote from the book "Artists strive to get to the heart of life, to the core of matter, and they are known as much for what they omit from their interpretaion of nature as for what they include. In the creative process, "seeing" is as important as "doing"." So . . . now I am going for a walk in the sunshine (first time I've seen the sun in weeks) to (quote) contemplate the spirits and energies conveyed by the structures of your environment. Peace.

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