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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yes, the sky is actually that blue today. This is another photo from Santa Fe, a trip which is flooding me with inspiration. Today was a quiet day at home for me. Today, the start of deer season in the "north" has kept me inside or at least contained to my yard for fear of being in the "danger zone" of the crazy men and their rifles. But I took full advantage of being inside; took time to 'admire' the beautiful blue sky day, then gessoed some new panels to start some new works tomorow a.m., cleaned the studio area, and even made some chocolate biscotti. There is a website/blog kitchensketches.blogspot.com that I stumbled upon some time ago. I love the artists simple collage/illustrations and her passion for cooking. Check out her recent posts to find the recipe for the chocolate biscotti - they are delicious!

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