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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I love to read! Mostly about art, sometimes about food. Currently, I'm reading Twyla Tharp's "The Creative Habit" and am enjoying her ideas on creativity. Her quote "obstacles to good work are one's fears, but also distractions." As artists, moms, wives, we need to be able to create around "distractions" as our lives are surely going to be surrounded with them. Even though I have many distractions throughout the day, it seems I do dedicate myself to my painting as soon as I get the kids on the bus (after my bike ride) and pretty much paint all day. Life is good.
Next up on my book reading list is "My Life in France - Julia Child" and I just finished the book "Alice Waters - Chez Panisse", a wonderful story of Alice's life and vision to try to change the eating habits of Americans. great read.
Also, just ordered a couple more art inspiring books from Linda at Aurora Books in downtown Menominee - my favorite book store!
Can't post without a picture - this one is another one from my trip to Santa Fe.

new series starting

Saturday, November 21, 2009

This is another photo of a beautiful sunset over the New Mexico desert.
My new artwork series is boiling out of me I'm focusing on more quiet, color block pieces that are abstracted images from fencelines/borders and woodlands. Friends of ours purchased a farmhouse with the most amazine barn and outbuildings. The structural shapes from photo's I took and abstracted them are what's inspiring this new series in oil and cold wax. And like my encaustic series of falling leaves, I'm trying to keep these "simple" and am really liking a more minimalist style - I guess the quiet desert of Santa Fe may have added inspiration.
Today was a beautiful day here in the U.P. and I took some time this afternoon to finish cleaning out the gardens and raked some leaves. I love winter, but it seems its being postponed this year.


sunny skies

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yes, the sky is actually that blue today. This is another photo from Santa Fe, a trip which is flooding me with inspiration. Today was a quiet day at home for me. Today, the start of deer season in the "north" has kept me inside or at least contained to my yard for fear of being in the "danger zone" of the crazy men and their rifles. But I took full advantage of being inside; took time to 'admire' the beautiful blue sky day, then gessoed some new panels to start some new works tomorow a.m., cleaned the studio area, and even made some chocolate biscotti. There is a website/blog kitchensketches.blogspot.com that I stumbled upon some time ago. I love the artists simple collage/illustrations and her passion for cooking. Check out her recent posts to find the recipe for the chocolate biscotti - they are delicious!

more santa fe memories

Friday, November 13, 2009

It's unbelievable how such a short vacation to such a magical place can rejuvinate your spirit and creativity. Memories abound from my recent Santa Fe trip and I can see the colors, textures and light of the sky and adobe working their way into a new series.
Last night was the opening of the Northern Exposures juried show exhibit at the Bonifas Art Center. A large crowd turned out to view the artwork. I had one piece accepted, a diptych, called "Life's Journey". the show runs through December.


Monday, November 9, 2009

I read a quote by artist Mary Farmer "when art is in your soul, you simply cannot breathe unless you are painting." I feel how true that is! I've been busy with a new series I'm calling Falling Leaves. Encaustic on panel and encaustic on paper/mounted on wood. Not only am I enjoying working the encaustic on panels but also doing the small ones and mounting them on boards. Of course they look great individually, but a whole wall/installation is even better!
This week I'm sending a new piece down to Traverse City, Gallery 50 is hosting a show starting this weekend featuring all of their artists that they have represented since they opened! They gallery is very cool and they expanded and opened another location downtown.

Santa Fe Memories

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm thinking back to the highlights of my latest trip to Santa Fe and all the fun that we had! Not only did I get totally inspired by all the galleries and museums, but I enjoyed some other wonderful things . . . like the farmers market on saturday morning where "the girls" all picked up somethings to make dinner that evening at the condo - tomales, breads, apples (baked) and squash, cheese and wine - you could get it all right at the farmers market - along with the "touristy" purchase of mine - a small wreath of peppers! Spending time in the afternoons at our B & B "El Farlito" inn just putting our feet up and drinking tea and eating homemade biscotti and apricot/oatmeal cookies, catching up from a long day of exploring. Another thing we enjoyed was stopping at the "Kakura Chocolate House" to "sip" like tea one of their many flavored dark chocolates! Maybe I died and went to heaven but their theory is that dark chocolate is so good for you, that it should be "sipped" like tea! Just wonderful, I say! Also enjoyed dinner in the countryside at Jane and Al's beautiful home ( they are friends of johanna's). Jane has an amazing studio - because you know everyone who lives there are artists - overlooking the mountains - I don't think I would get much work done, probably more day dreaming in that studio! SO . . I think my new body of work is going to be definitely influenced by Santa Fe, I'm thinking of color blocks from inspirational photos that I took while there - of the sky, the sunset, the mountains, the chili peppers, the adobe!!! I can still see the beautiful colors embedded in my mind. I'll fly with that thought!!!!


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