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Thursday, April 23, 2009

These days we all need to look on the bright side, count our blessings. I ran across an article in a magazine (can't remember which one) with an uplifting article by Martha Beck, I believe. I'm sharing with you here her simple exercises to keep on our minds on the beauty and wonderful things we do have.
1. List ten times you thought that there wouldn't be enough of something and survived.
2. List ten areas where you have too much, not too little.
3. List 20 - or 50 or 1,000 - wonderful things that entered your life just at the right time, with no effort on your part. Start with the little things (oxygen, sunlight, a song on the radio). You'll soon think of bigger ones.
This was a direct quote from her article - so get to work on your list.
IN THE STUDIO - I've been working on a few more paintings. Made a run to Madison on Sunday with some art expecting to bring some back, but the gallery wanted to keep most of it, thus I better get busy.
I had a piece titled "Just wondering" accepted into the all member show of the National Watercolor Society. Show opens May 176 in San Pedro California.
So, there, count the good things that happen in your life!

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