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reception at oasis gallery

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just returned this afternoon from a weekend in Marquette, Michigan. Attended the opening reception of my solo show "Mixed Message" at the Oasis Gallery. The gallery did a beautiful job of hanging the show (thanks Laura and Bob & everyone) and had a wonderful selection of wine and food. It is humbling to see your work hanging in such a beautiful space all by itself and to hear the wonderful and encouraging comments about your passion! The show runs through March 28 - please stop by!
Dave and I had a nice weekend and wanted to share one of my new finds in Marquette - the Marquette Baking Co. is a new bread specialty bakery next to the Children's Museum. Opened last fall, their specialties are of course bread (of all kinds) just picked up a chocolate bread today that was awesome - but you must try their pastries - filled with chocolate - they taste as good as the pastries I enjoyed while on my trip last year to portugal and france! Come to find out the Owner, Peter is married to Kelly who used to live in my area and I did their wedding flowers a couple years ago. Peter was an engineer with a passion for baking bread and has now decided to follow his dream!!! YES!!! I strongly beleive that following your passion and using your talents are very important and I wish Peter, Kelly and their staff the best! So - if you're in Marquette make the Marquette Baking Co. a must - stop
Also enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Sweet Water Cafe - they also hang artists work in their establishment and had a great display of a fiber artist from Hancock, I beleive. Great place, too!
Seems like we did a lot of eating, but I did go for a long walk when I got home! - just so I can eat more of the bread we bought at Peter's bakery! Happy spring everyone!
PS here are some pictures from the Oasis Show

I adore watching these photos from the reception at oasis gallery. It looks just wonderful. Keep sharing such photos in the future as well. At the local event space Chicago I also attended a gallery event and luncheon in last week and that was also very enjoyable.
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