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the gift

Sunday, March 29, 2009

On this cold, windy day I have taken some time to relax, read and reflect on why I really paint. I started reading the book "The Gift - Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World" by Lewis Hyde and would like to share one of my favorite statements thus far "the gift: whatever we have been given is supposed to be given away again."

I have been thinking: What does my art give me? . . . here's the start of my list that I plan to add to daily, because there are so many . . . problems to solve, challenges to overcome, opportunity to grow, a chance to use the gift I have been given, opportunity to learn and travel, the chance to see, to really see things differently, and the opportunity to take risks, break rules and make mistakes and have fun - everyday! I think I will keep on painting!


spring is here

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I do believe, Spring is here! We've had a few nice days here and there and the snow is finally gone and today we're getting rain showers! Now for some sun and we will all be happy.
I have been painting and creating every living moment of the day and have tried a few new/lighter color palettes of subdues greens, teals, aquas and sand colors. I'm also starting a "pillar" which is 12" square and stands 36" tall and will be covered on all sides with mixed media. I'm busy preparing for my summer show schedule. So far for sure is Wausau Fine Arts Festival in September, Marquette Art on the Rocks in July and Edina Art Fair in June. Edina's art fair will be a new one for me and probably grueling as it is a 3 day show (friday, sat, sun). Edina is a very nice suburb of Minneapolis and should expose me to a whole new customer base, I am very excited! I'm still waiting to hear on the other shows and will let you know as I get responses back.
We didn't take a vacation this year and I dearly missed it. I hear Santa Fe calling - maybe next year. Dave and I are lucky to have wonderful travel companions (my sister Val and her husband Mike) who live in El Paso always meet us somewhere for a long weekend and although I love looking at art more than they do we all share a common love for good food!!!
Back to painting on this rainy day -


reception at oasis gallery

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just returned this afternoon from a weekend in Marquette, Michigan. Attended the opening reception of my solo show "Mixed Message" at the Oasis Gallery. The gallery did a beautiful job of hanging the show (thanks Laura and Bob & everyone) and had a wonderful selection of wine and food. It is humbling to see your work hanging in such a beautiful space all by itself and to hear the wonderful and encouraging comments about your passion! The show runs through March 28 - please stop by!
Dave and I had a nice weekend and wanted to share one of my new finds in Marquette - the Marquette Baking Co. is a new bread specialty bakery next to the Children's Museum. Opened last fall, their specialties are of course bread (of all kinds) just picked up a chocolate bread today that was awesome - but you must try their pastries - filled with chocolate - they taste as good as the pastries I enjoyed while on my trip last year to portugal and france! Come to find out the Owner, Peter is married to Kelly who used to live in my area and I did their wedding flowers a couple years ago. Peter was an engineer with a passion for baking bread and has now decided to follow his dream!!! YES!!! I strongly beleive that following your passion and using your talents are very important and I wish Peter, Kelly and their staff the best! So - if you're in Marquette make the Marquette Baking Co. a must - stop
Also enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Sweet Water Cafe - they also hang artists work in their establishment and had a great display of a fiber artist from Hancock, I beleive. Great place, too!
Seems like we did a lot of eating, but I did go for a long walk when I got home! - just so I can eat more of the bread we bought at Peter's bakery! Happy spring everyone!
PS here are some pictures from the Oasis Show


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