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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

 Why do you paint?

"I create beauty to share with others when some days things are less than beautiful around us." - Ginnie Cappaert

I was honored to be a featured artist at Edgewood Orchard Galleries here in Door County.  The opening reception was this weekend and I also did a painting demo on Sunday to a full house.  Both events humble me and I appreciate people taking time out of their busy summer schedules to attend with a sincere interest in my work and process.

Right now, more than ever, we need to be present in the goodness that surrounds us and I hope my paintings take the viewer back to 'memories' of special places because that is what I paint, 'memories'.  

Here are a few images from the show which will be up for a few weeks.  Edgewood Orchard Galleries is just down the road from my gallery/studio here in beautiful Door County.  Summer is a great time to check out the arts here!

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

 "The silence around us may contain a lot, but the most interesting kind of silence is the one that lies within.  The silence that I am after is the silence within." - SILENCE IN THE AGE OF NOISE by Erling Kagge

The month of March is my annual New Mexico retreat, artist residency, painting excursion, time for me, quiet time to work and a whole lot of silence.  How appropriate that I am reading this book.  Erling Kagge is an explorer and has a lot to say about the power of silence in our lives.  I highly recommend this book or at least each of us experimenting with times of quiet.

My studio time this winter has been one of quiet and focus.  I feel that I created a body of work to be proud of that will soon be delivered to the many galleries that represent me as well as many of the pieces being saved for my own gallery as we gear up for the 8th season.  My work this winter was focused on exploring what I know more in depth.  That meant that I wasn't re-inventing anything this year, but going deeper into many of the series that I have worked on before.  Like the Tangled Forest, Monet and also the sky series.  I consider myself a colorist and I find much excitement in exploring color in all of these subjects but in a different way.  Every day in the studio is a new day, one to experiment and change.

My quiet studio time either in Michigan, Door County or Santa Fe continues to feed my soul and inspire me as I continue to work on commissions and to paint the suggestion of places that surround me.  Cappaert Contemporary Gallery opens May 1 for its 8th season and I am really getting excited for another fabulous year.  Thank you for staying in touch!

Saturday, October 30, 2021

 "Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time." - Katrina Mayer

    I grew up surrounded by trees.  Today I paint trees.  Paint what you know.

    Although I work usually in many different series each year, it is the forest and trees that appear in my work quite frequently.  Maybe it is that connection, that peacefulness or that grounding feeling that I enjoy so much.

    Recently I had a customer purchase a painting from my 'Tangled Forest' series and they wanted me to tell them more about it.  My response was something like this. "I'm trying to find that balance between abstract and landscape and 'the tangled forest' is a metaphor for the thick or difficult paths in time and life.  Just like when you are hiking in the dense woods and you come upon areas that are so thick they are a struggle to continue through.  So much entanglement and brush and twigs in the way.  That's life.  One just continues to get through so you don't remain stuck."

    My regular season hours at my gallery (Cappaert Contemporary Gallery) come to an end tomorrow.  We will be open weekends in December and by appointment with the official season re-opening on May 1, 2022.  Meanwhile I am excited to enter the studio for the off-season with more ideas swirling in my head than time.  It's a good feeling.  

    It has been a great year and I am grateful.  First on my list in the studio is to finish several commissions that I have and then I will continue on my forest series painting as I have just been accepted into another gallery!  This one (Underscore Art) in Whitefish, Montana where my focus will be tree paintings.  I am thankful for all of your support...off to the studio I go!

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

 Time has escaped me and summer is coming to a close.  With that said, it has been a wonderful year at the gallery and it has been so enjoyable to meet and chat with collectors and fellow lovers of art.  I am grateful.  The gallery is still open every day through October 31 and autumn seems to be a favorite time to visit for so many.

There were a few mornings this summer that I got to sneak into the studio for some painting time and that resulted in me working on a few commissions as well as finishing up a few pieces that I had started this spring.  Painting always seems to complete me.  Accomplishing a painting and getting it to my satisfaction is a wonderful feeling and sharing that art with others truly is the reason.  

I currently am in several galleries across the country and here, close to home I am featured this month at Edgewood Orchard Galleries.  This is my second consecutive show and is always a beautiful space to showcase some of my larger paintings.  It was another well received show and the opening was a delight for me to meet so many of my collectors, many who came from afar to attend.

Other galleries I am showing in include Lafontsee Galleries, Grand Rapids, MI; Tvedten Fine Art, Harbor Springs, MI; Twisted Fish, Elk Rapids, MI; Globe Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM; Watson McRae Gallery, Sanibel, FL; Edgewood Orchard Galleries, Fish Creek, WI and my own studio/gallery Cappaert Contemporary Gallery here in Egg Harbor, WI.

This September I have already started to think about a new series I want to explore during my off season.  I want to explore and see if there are some subtle changes in my style or way of working that excite me.  I am really looking forward to this time and some contemplation on my art practices.  Stay tuned. 

New work-installed

Saturday, June 26, 2021

I had the opportunity to deliver a painting from my "Just a Dream" series to a beautiful, modern home and I have to say that seeing their art collection was so inspiring. Often times when our art is purchased we don't always know where it ends up residing.  This was very special to know what a fabulous home it is in.  An added bonus is that the collectors were really cool people.

This series was inspired by my covid time spent on my deck watching the sunsets.  Each evening was different and new.  The simple joys of life seemed to be at the forefront last year if we were lucky enough to appreciate them.  I am grateful. 



Sunday, January 3, 2021

 "Our brightest dreams and our greatest fears are just over the horizon." - Kent Nerburn

I'm happy to be in January, 2021!  I will not talk or think about 2020!

I've been relaxing and resting more than I am used to these past few days and with that has come a lot of time spent contemplating and doing some deeper thinking.  Just this morning I was thinking about how the 'horizon' or 'horizon line' has been a long-standing signature in my paintings.  Sometimes very distinct and solid.  Sometimes more abstracted and free, but always there and sometimes changing.

Yes, it's true that the horizon line may be 'overused' by painters and artists and somedays I explore more vertical or circular design elements, however, I usually come back to the horizon line in one way or another.  To me it's a comfort.  A calming and serene 'linework'.  It just is how I speak, how I try to live my life.

Looking back in my painting archives I have found several examples over the last decade alone where the horizon line shows up on my canvas.

For example, the early years,  were very simple as far as the division of space yet there was a lot of texture and subtle nuances and variations of color and value within these spaces that I still really love!
Some years my work would turn more landscape based rather than abstract!  Again, plenty of textures and mark making which added movement to the piece while the horizon line added the serenity.
"Almost There" hangs in my living room and I cannot seem to part with this one - yet!
The subtle variations of the abstracted landscape really speak to me!
I spent some time in Ireland painting years back and this piece was inspired by an overturned, retired old wooden boat and the remains of chipped paint and wood on its surface.  Still I was drawn to the horizontal pattern.
This series, "When Wings Were Only a Dream" was inspired by two things at one time.  The ice break-up and patterns on Lake Superior when it was frozen and I happened to be there snowshoeing AND an image from a friend who was on a beach in New Zealand (thus the color).  This series of 18 pieces (I think) is completely sold out except for 1 piece and one piece that I kept for myself!  The texture was more subtle in this series and there was more removing/scraping to unearth the deeper layers underneath.
Sometimes the distinct horizon line in a more landscape based painting is set off by another love of mine, trees!  I really love the simplicity of this one!
AND....this year with all the Covid and staying at home, I was able to spend most nights on my deck enjoying beautiful Door County Sunsets!  It is amazing how this simple part of my life has now inspired an entire new series!  I'm working on these this winter and they will be released in Spring at my gallery and the other 6 galleries that represent me.  Each one is so different and I'm really exploring and pushing the use of color and medium on these pieces.  Why?  Because each sunset really is so different and by 'zooming' in and photographing variations in the sunset, I have created some wonderful color combinations that are endless explorations of beauty.
Stay tuned!

Saturday, October 17, 2020

 "Only one eye sees, the other feels" - Paul Klee

I've been grateful, this year especially, for the opportunity to work on several commissions for clients.  I actually have grown to enjoy and appreciate commission work and I think that is because of my process that it gives me a sense of freedom while working on these. 

 Each time I am commissioned to do a special painting for someone I take into consideration several factors.  The basic components of size and colors do not complete the commission.  I want to know more about the person, their life, their home, their feelings.  Years ago when I started taking on commission work I developed a process of painting 2 paintings, similar but different, for the clients to choose from.  This released a lot of pressure and stress from me because one of the paintings I would follow more 'guidelines' or suggestions from the client and the other painting would be for me, a free-for-all, which made me happy.  The clients love that they have 2 paintings to choose from, or options and the unselected painting goes to a gallery for purchase by another collector.  It truly is a win-win situation that I enjoy working with!

Here is a photo of a recently installed painting I was commissioned to do for a couples home, they loved it!  I am currently working on 2 more commissions, one for a home in Florida for a long time collector and another one for a Door County resident!  These are fun times!


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