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Monday, January 23, 2017

"It's the making of the thing that matters.  How that changes you." - poet Li-Young Lee

Blogging is an expression.  Many artists, writers and creative people choose to share their thoughts via blogging.  I follow many blogs and this morning I found this quote on one of the inspirational blogs that I read (CalmThingsBlogspot)!  Because this resonated with me I wanted to dwell a bit today on the process of art.
I am lucky to have so many art friends near and far and often when we get together our discussions range from making our art, finding studio time to selling our art.  Always, Always I emphasize to my friends to MAKE THE ART, don't worry about the selling of art that will all fall into place.  Truly.  Have faith.  It works.  The bottom line is if you don't take the time to MAKE THE ART, you won't have anything to be viewed or sold anyway!
As artists, developing a practice is very important.  Yes, even as devoted as I am to my art, I still find myself drawn away from the studio to play outside.  I have to constantly remind myself to focus, to 'develop a practice and submit to that'.  That may mean we miss out on some activities, maybe our house and laundry may not be perfect or done, maybe the meals we create are less than gourmet, but something has to give when you choose art as your career!
Hanging with those people that inspire you and spark your inner intention sure helps!  They get you and what you are doing!  Yes, hold those people tight, because there will be many in this world that don't understand you and  your decision to live a creative life.  If you make the decision to be an artist know that their will be many plateau's in life and your career but you must make the decision to just go through with it and create like you breathe.  Ginnie Cappaert
"Finally Understanding"  18x18" available at Arlo Gallery, New Orleans, LA; oil mixed media

Monday, December 19, 2016

As I sit here in my "summer studio" and contemplate the year 2016, I can basically sum it up in "What a ride, not all good but all made me stronger and now I know capable of handling whatever life throws my way!"
  Yes, the last two years, every friend that told me 'You will be OK', 'things work out for reasons that you don't always understand' and all the many other inspirational words my friends passed along to me, I do now find to be true!  Peace to all.
2017 brings new beginnings and it is the peaceful winter days that remind me of how good life is!
This morning I shoveled out my 'summer' studio' so that I could spend a  wee bit of time painting by the good energy here in Door County!
As I was painting and jamming to some Van Morrison tunes, these words from one of his songs settled deep into my heart and soul:

Help me Share my load.
Welcome home.
Enjoy it while you can.
The the bright side of the road.
Help me Sing my Song.

I am wishing all of you a delightful Holiday Season and am sure that we will all have a fabulous 2017!
Cheers -

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"Gratitude feeds on itself.  It breeds acceptance.  It turns what we have into enough, and more" - from the book 52 WEEKS OF CONSCIOUS CONTACT-Melodie Beattie

Feeling gratitude every day, every moment can make a big difference in our lives.  It should be something to be practiced throughout the year, not just at Thanksgiving.  Many years ago I started a family tradition before we ate our Thanksgiving meal we would go around the table and say one thing that we are each grateful for - I wish we would do that more often.
For any of you going through tough times or just slumpy moments, I highly recommend connecting with any of the books by author Melodie Beattie.  Here are a few thoughts from the above mentioned book that I wish to share with you during this Thanksgiving Holiday!
She says many good 'food for thought' statements:
"The grass is always greener on the other side (is an old cliche but it isn't true).  The grass right where you are, no matter where the place is, is just as green as it is anywhere else.  And if it's not green or it's all dried up, maybe it's because you're not watering it enough."  I find this to be so true in life and in my art.  I continue to keep the faith that society and people I know will appreciate and 'water' or care for what they have instead of searching for it somewhere else.  I know with my painting if I am in a sort of 'blocked' state of mind (which luckily I get very seldom), it may just be the simple fact that I am not taking care of myself enough, filling my moments with crazy business instead of being focused on my art, and also not being focused on IT which means I should just be spending more time painting. period.
"Practice deliberate gratitude.  Force it and fake it if you must."  Melodie talks about this often, when you practice gratitude you will start to see a shift and be more thankful for all that you do have.  In my studio I have what I call a 'gratitude jar' where I write down quick little notes of what I am thankful for.  When you are ever feeling blah, just read through your beautiful, big gratitude jar and you will shake yourself out of that mood!
Saying a simple Thank you can also be just as effective.  "The magic isn't somewhere else.  It's where you are right now."
We all have so much to be thankful for, yes we all go through difficult times we all feel bumps in the road, but with simply changing our mind set and practicing gratitude and thankfulness we can all see how lucky we are to have what we have right here and right now.
Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving filled with grateful moments!
                                                 "Dawn"   10x10" oil/mix media on paper

Don't forget my gallery, Cappaert Contemporary Gallery, will be open this Thanksgiving weekend on Friday and Saturday from 10 am - 4 pm.  I am so grateful for all of my artists, collectors, neighbors, friends and family that have supported my artistic endeavors throughout the past many years!  Ginnie

                                             "Stillness" 12x12" oil/mixed media on paper

Saturday, October 29, 2016

"Artists have two responsibilities.  The first is to express themselves.  The second is to communicate." - Audrey Flack, Art & Soul

I am still deeply reading the book "Creative Authenticity" by Ian Roberts and am enjoying the chapter on Communication.  As a person, I feel my skill of Communication could be improved upon, I think many of us probably feel the same way, but as the author speaks about communication I can see what an important part it plays in art.
It is true.  When I am painting a picture I am trying to portray a feeling or sense of time or space or place to both myself and the viewer.  I feel something usually about a time or place and want to express that via my artwork.  Because my work is a bit abstract that leaves more interpretation open to the viewer which ultimately, in my opinion, is the best connection an artist can have with the viewer, an open communication.
I also feel that this communication of art between the artist and viewer should be authentic.  It should be deeply felt by the artist.  That is what makes true art and a real artist.  Real art is more than learning how to paint a pretty picture or throw a perfect pot.  Real art comes from a space deep within.  That space is opened up and usually poured into an artists work.  Showing up for years and decades on a daily basis is what makes art and the artist authentic.  I hope you enjoy my art, it comes from a deep authentic artist.

                                           "Blue Sky Day" oil on paper exhibiting at
                                         Northern Exposures Juried Show, Bonifas Art Center
                                                                  Escanaba, MI

Thursday, October 13, 2016

"Something that is authentic 'rings true' for us.  It comes from an inner truth." - from the book Creative Authenticity by Ian Roberts

This morning part of my art tribe met to talk art books.  Everyone brought a book to share and I learned about some new artists I haven't heard about AND got so inspired!  I can't wait to hit my studio - soon!
The book I shared CREATIVE AUTHENTICITY is a wonderful read about being authentic in life and your art.  We often wonder what we are creating and if anyone really 'gets it' but as we focus on the authenticity of our own work and of our soul speaking, it is easy to see that what we are doing is exactly what we should be doing.
The author quotes, "The point is what the inner process of following your creative impulses will do, to you.  It is clearly about process.  Love the work, love the process."  I think the more we educate, share and expand upon the thoughts behind our 'process' as artists, our work becomes more acceptable and understood to collectors and the viewers.
In this book the author also states, "This is not the same as trying to get it perfect.  It just means trying to get it as right as you can as you go along.  "right' means being aligned to your idea.  Trying for perfection takes the life
out of expression." This statement alone stirred up a beautiful discussion at book club about 'perfectionism' and the act of creating.
Our wonderful little art book club group also talked about artists Jonathan Green and Blanche Lazzell, two artists that I had not heard of.  We also talked about Anne LaMott and her book 'Bird by Bird' and 'The Lonely City-Adventures of the Art of Being Alone.' - by Olivia Lang!  What a lovely way to start my morning - thank you to all who joined me this morning to encourage and inspire each other!
                                             "Fallen Leaves" oil on wood 40"x 36"

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"The turtle is the only creature that can move forward - they can't go backward"  unknown

Yesterday I had this delightful woman in the gallery and we talked for quite a bit.  She was making a sort of 'retreat'/'pilgrimage' to Door County to honor and remember her good friend Roberta.  Roberta was a major supporter of arts in Door County and I heard a fabulous woman.  She passed away last year in August after an auto accident where she crashed into my gallery.
So some parts of our discussion had to do with taking time to just be.  Time to visit and cherish our friendships and families before they are gone.  A very important lesson in life.
This woman shared this story with me on the turtle only going forward not backward.  I, of course, wrote it down in my journal.  It has inspired me.  I want to be a turtle.
I'll be taking some days to work in my studio painting this week and I am so looking forward to contemplating the passage of time in the new pieces that I will be working on.  So when my 'working the gallery days' pulls me away from my 'painting in the studio days' I realize how important the balance in life can be and to honor that schedule and the passing of time.
This image was sent to me from one of my collectors.  A few years back I was in Santa Fe for the Canyon Road  Paint Out in October.  This collector had first seen my work there and this summer they bought a large painting here in Door County.  What a delightful small world it is.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

"Every day is a new beginning.  Take a deep breath and start again." - unknown, found in my journal notes.

September is here!  I LOVE this time of year, gathering with friends for apple cider pressing fun, long horseback rides, quiet moments in the orchard and THIS YEAR - cleaning my studio and starting over!
Just last night at Edgewood Orchard Galleries they hung the new Exhibit which features the majority of my body of works from the last ten months!  I've been working hard all year creating what I feel may be close to my 'best overall body of paintings' that I have created to date.  Not bragging, just sincere.
How did I do it? Lots of late nights and practicing GRATITUDE! There are some very huge, special pieces at the exhibit that I just completed this summer.  They are sculptural 3d pillars that depict an abstracted version of the four seasons.  Part of this idea came through the simple fact that some days when I couldn't figure out what to be thankful for, I focused on simple gratitudes - one  of them being the beauty of our 4 seasons!   Yes, practicing gratitude during a few rough years has gotten me through it all and now I'm clearing the slate and starting new...in the studio, too!
My studio in Michigan is empty, yes literally every painting is out in galleries.  There are a few unfinished panels and a huge mess that I will sort through, clean and make into a beautiful space to start anew!
Meanwhile, this weekend at Edgewood Orchard Galleries, you are welcome to join us for the evening reception on Saturday evening from 4-7 pm with an artist talk at 5 and wine and refreshments.  Then on Sunday from 1-3 pm I will be giving a Painting Demo in the Courtyard at Edgewood.  So join me to talk art, watch me work, and share my passion for painting.


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