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Saturday, October 17, 2020

 "Only one eye sees, the other feels" - Paul Klee

I've been grateful, this year especially, for the opportunity to work on several commissions for clients.  I actually have grown to enjoy and appreciate commission work and I think that is because of my process that it gives me a sense of freedom while working on these. 

 Each time I am commissioned to do a special painting for someone I take into consideration several factors.  The basic components of size and colors do not complete the commission.  I want to know more about the person, their life, their home, their feelings.  Years ago when I started taking on commission work I developed a process of painting 2 paintings, similar but different, for the clients to choose from.  This released a lot of pressure and stress from me because one of the paintings I would follow more 'guidelines' or suggestions from the client and the other painting would be for me, a free-for-all, which made me happy.  The clients love that they have 2 paintings to choose from, or options and the unselected painting goes to a gallery for purchase by another collector.  It truly is a win-win situation that I enjoy working with!

Here is a photo of a recently installed painting I was commissioned to do for a couples home, they loved it!  I am currently working on 2 more commissions, one for a home in Florida for a long time collector and another one for a Door County resident!  These are fun times!

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

 "All the best ideas come out of the process, they come out of the work itself" - Chuck Close

Thoughts on my studio practice and some of my favorite podcasts!

    I've had the pleasure of working on several commissions this summer and found that morning in the studio was the best time for me to work before opening the gallery!  My studio time is a mix of quiet time, podcasts, audio books and npr but seldom music.  I use the time to learn and listen as well as paint.  I am lucky!

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite podcasts with you and they are a wide variety! Some days when I paint, I am interested in listening to art podcasts featuring the studio habits of other artists or just basically listening to others talk about their life in the arts.  These include "Authentic Obsessions" by Margaret Petrie (a new one and a lot of fun), "The Messy Studio" by Rebecca Crowell who is a master in oil/cold wax and long time knowledgeable artist, "The Creative Life", "The Savvy Painter", and the "Art Bizz" for the business side of art!  It's a great variety of art related podcasts that I highly recommend you check out!

Some of my favorite podcasts for self care and deeper thinking include Oprah's "Super Soul" Podcast, "On Being" with Krista Tippett, "The Ginni Show", and "Happier" with Gretchen Rubin.  

And finally, my new favorite is "le vie Creative Paris" which is a fantastic series done by an artist/photographer living in Paris who interviews other artists in France!  As you know I LOVE France and have been there several times AND am teaching a painting workshop in the South West of France in October, 2021!  This will be a long-waited-return to  a country I LOVE!

I hope you enjoy these podcasts as much as I do!  During this pandemic time we are all looking at new ways to learn and explore via our phones and internet!

My Featured Show at Edgewood Orchard Galleries in Fish Creek is now open and runs through September 23!  A beautiful gallery if you have not been there yet!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

"the most adaptive survive, not necessarily the strongest" - quote from the Podcast 'Beautiful Anarchy, Episode 32

I release any guilt from not 'blogging' the last few months!  Life takes over, how you spend your time shifts, putting pen to paper may not inspire you.  That's where I have been at.  I really do not know what possessed me to write this blog today, but here I am!  
Today I was listening to a podcast that was based on the subject matter of the 'importance of making mistakes' and evolving, learning and growing from them!  It was so good!  He also stressed the importance of acceptance and not worrying if mistakes are made.  Again, like life and art these thoughts are all interrelated.  It's also very important not to focus on the mistakes but to keep moving forward.  I find this so incredibly important when I am painting day after day.  Some days it seems everything flows along and progress is made and other days mistakes are made and I feel the painting has taken '10 steps backwards'.  The next day in the studio is a new day and progress can be made, mostly because I learned from the mistakes of the prior day!  Painting is an ongoing process and it is the lengthy layers and thoughts my mind carries with me  that keeps me intrigued and in the studio! 
Currently, I am focused on five commissions!  I am thankful to say they are all going really well but I will need to be patient as some of the layers may be 'mistakes' that I have to fully process, change and repeat!  Again, similar to life.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

"The windows in my recent paintings...They function as metaphors for either hope or disturbance..."
-Sean Scully

I have been reading "Inner - The collected writings and selected interviews of Sean Scully'

and I have been thinking a lot!  About Villages, communities and how there are good people in this world who still believe in good people, communities that still believe in communities.  How blessed I am to share two beautiful communities in my many years.  Although it is a lot of travel back and forth, there is something I love about each and as I slowly transition to one community and long to be in just one place, the process is slow and bittersweet.  Spending time in my favorite spot in Santa Fe also lightens my load.  The sunshine, the inspiration and a continuation of a new series.

Find your community and your people and embrace it!

Contemporary Art in Door County

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Contemporary Art in Door County, some rambling thoughts!

It's been here a long time, just in bits and pieces!  Over the years many fantastic artists made Door County there home, many of whom are contemporary artists such as Wence and Sandra Martinez, Jeremy Popelka and Stephanie Trenchard, Rebecca Carlton and Tony Staroska, Margaret Lockwood and so, so many more!  Although I feel the Midwest tends to be a more traditional/representational art region I think if you really look you can find some 'pockets' of more contemporary works.

This Saturday, September 14, 3-8 pm we are hosting our 2nd Annual "Contemporary Art Tour" here in Door County!  Four contemporary galleries will be hosting evening receptions and are open to the public to celebrate the contemporary arts in the heart of Door County!  Martinez Studios has been here for 25 years and features the weavings and paintings of Wence and Sandra, they are incredible!!!  Peter and Skye at Bazyli Studio features stunning jewelry and contemporary clothing of their own designs as well as other artists, another special must see studio/gallery that celebrates 5 years at this location!  Dan and Diane at Idea Gallery are also new to the scene and represent some pretty amazing contemporary artists as well as Dan's own mixed media photographs.  A great gallery in the country with an intriguing selection of art!  Definitely have to go! And then there's me, Cappaert Contemporary Gallery!  Coming on the art scene five years ago features my oil and cold wax paintings as well as a select group of 30 artists who push some edges in there own work every year in whatever medium they choose, sculpture, jewelry, ceramic, mixed media, glass.  We specialize in oil and cold wax painting and encaustic painting and sculpture!  Come visit - and now that I have my little studio in the gardens cleaned up you can take a peak at my work space too!

Can you tell I am so excited about our art scene here in Door County!?  I hope you can join us for these gatherings on Saturday and enjoy all that Door County has to offer in the music, theater and visual arts scene AND of course nature!  Life is an adventure!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

"Chance favors those in motion" - James H. Austin

So always be in motion?  Lately that is how I feel!  and that can be a good thing at times!

I just returned from a two week trip to the mountains in New Mexico, with horses!  A group of friends trailered our horses and rode in the mountains staying at a rustic ranch!  What a great time but I am happy to be back at the gallery and in the studio!  Sometimes you have to just say yes and go forward in motion no matter how busy life can be!

Say yes!  Saying yes in the studio when I'm painting has truly gotten me farther than holding back ever would.  Our studio time is an adventure, just like all the other adventures in life and certainly just as important.  Carving time for everything can sometimes be a challenge and learning to navigate through time management may even be a harder task, but finding that balance, time to fill the well, etc is the best way to be in motion!

                                          Evening Breeze, 48x48" Oil/cold wax on wood

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery." - Mark Van Doren

I am so excited!!! I was invited to teach a painting workshop/retreat/vacation in the South West of France in October, 2020!  I've been on a 'me' break from teaching the past several years so that I could focus on my own studio practice and am excited to get back into teaching, sharing and learning along with the students!  I've decided to make my teaching adventures a bit like art vacations.  How exciting to combine new friends, travel and art!  I've just announced this first workshop and will share the details with you here!  If this interests you, email me any questions you may have or if you want further information, I have a feeling this class will fill up quickly!

(Color Infused Abstract paintings with Oil and Cold Wax)

Life. Travel. Art. Color.
            In this workshop we will gather ideas and inspiration from our surroundings in France to inspire out own personal painting practice in oil, cold wax and dry mineral pigments.  Students will be introduced to Ginnie’s highly layered and textured painting techniques as well as her secrets of making color choices intuitively that sing with happiness. 
            This class will take you deeper than just ‘techniques’.  We will spend a lot of time relaxing and enjoying the French countryside because Ginnie knows how important it is to play (enjoy and absorb) the surroundings in which you work.  Ginnie will work with each student personally to  help them get clarity on their art and how to set and act on their own personal, creative goals.  We will discuss how our art practice can be integrated into our daily lives to heal, nourish and restore our souls.
            These ten days will be used for soul-centering activities and relaxation time as well as an introduction into abstract/landscape painting and color studies through the use of oil and cold wax.  Students will learn how to add layers to create interesting color fields that relate to their surroundings with a focus on texture, mark making, depth and composition by demo’s,  individual attention and lively group discussions.
            Ginnie truly believes in the importance of finding your own individual style and a deeper meaning behind your painting.  She allows time for contemplation, journaling and yoga for her own art practice and would love to share that energy with you.  Her positive, uplifting personality will be sure to spread throughout the class.
            Life is all about taking chances!  Join Ginnie in France for 10 fun-filled creative days, October 19-October 29, 2020!
            Cost of class and lodging is $3100.00 US DOLLARS.  All deposits are non-refundable and show your commitment to taking time out of life for yourself.  $500 to hold your space in the workshop, ½ of the balance due 5 months prior to class ($1300 due May 19, 2020) and the balance $1300 due August 19, 2020.  See www.levieuxcouvent.com/ginnie-cappaert/ to get the details of what the package includes and what you have to cover. You will have to book your own airfare and I recommend you do not book your flight until we receive confirmation that the class is filled!


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